• Non Profitable - Charitable Trust



1.To encourage and motivate every individual human beings to work efficient and successful for achieving the goal of controlling and dominating the non-living things completely in the way of bringing peace and mutual support among each other in the human community.

2.To initiate, run, develop, collaborate and integrate a research organization which is dynamic integration of academics/ universities/ faculties/ departments/ etc., and industries/ corporations/ companies/ business/ etc., that are cooperative, productive, and creative for the welfare of the society and to conquer non-living things.

3.To initiate, run, maintain and promote the innovative dynamic integrated organizations such as Dynamic Integrated Research Academy and Corporations (DIRAC), Dynamic Integrated University (DINUSITY), Dynamic Integrated School, Institute and College (DINSIC), Dynamic Integrated Primary and Nursery School (DIPRINS) for the creation and improvement of dynamic integrated culture in the society.

4.To initiate, run, maintain, promote and integrate various internal schools/ colleges/ institutions/ departments/ inter-departments/ integrated-inter-departments/ centers/ fields/ sectors/ laboratories/ research groups/ etc., in the formulated dynamic integrated organizations.

5.To create, organize, systematize and arrange the schools/ colleges/ institutes/ centers/ faculty or departments in a novel manner of the dynamic integrated organizations in order to find each and every problem, question, conflict, challenge and situation of living beings and non-living objects by systematically employing the basic needs and applications of human beings which are named as life sciences (Eg.: agro, food, medicine, etc.,), wearable and cosmetic sciences (Eg.: costumes, apparels, fashion, etc.,), engineering sciences (Eg.: shelter, architecture, carpentry, etc.,), tranportational sciences (roads, vehicles, marine, etc.,) and communication sciences (Eg. language, business, entertainment, informatics etc.,)