• Non Profitable - Charitable Trust

Power of the Managing Trustee:

1.The Managing Trustee shall have power to accept donations either in cash or in kind movable and immovable properties either with or without any special conditions.

2.The Managing Trustee shall be competent from time to time to frame, make and enforce all such rules, regulations bye-laws not inconsistent with the express provision of this Trust as the Managing Trustee may deem proper for securing and facilitating the administration and management relating to the activities and affairs of the Trust.

3.The Managing Trustee shall have power in general to do all acts necessary to carry out the objectives of the trust along with maintenance & registers.

4.The Managing Trustee shall have power to deposit the Trust moneys or any portion thereof in any Nationalized Bank or Banks either by way of fixed deposit or in Current Account or in Saving Bank Account.

5.The Managing Trustee shall have the power to delete or appoint the Trustees.

6.To have control over the assets of the Trust and to execute, become party, to sign, acknowledge and register all deeds, agreements and writing and to give effectual discharge on behalf of and against the trust.

7.To draw, make, accept, endorse, discount, negotiate execute, cheques, bills of exchange and other negotiable instrument.